Our Services

Essential Services

  1. Cybersecurity services.Axcelops Security-as-a-service is becoming standard. We offer a comprehensive and layered security measures. Firewalls, anti-malware solutions, unified threat detection, and DNS filtering all need to work together to ensure that a company’s critical data is secured.
  2. Cloud-based infrastructure.  Axcelops   can help you develop strategies for cloud-based infrastructure that gives your organization access to its data and applications from anywhere.
  3. Disaster preparedness.   Disaster happens, that’s why Axcelops Business interruption can cost a company millions of dollars. Disaster preparedness and responsiveness procedures reduce interruption time, protecting your data from incidents and malicious attacks.
  4. VoIP telephony.Need secure VoIP? VoIP telephony is extensible and customizable, offering advanced options compared to traditional telecommunications systems.
  5. 24/7 tech support.Because the worst outages happen at any time,   Axcelops offers 24/7 tech support, you will be able to get things up and running before it impacts your organization.
  6. NOC monitoring.Axcelops Network operations centers to automate and streamline many of these services for you so that your IT professionals don’t need to invest their own time.
  7. Future proofing.Deployment services, need to upgrade your firewalls? Network access control, (NAC) or move your antimalware? we proudly partner with Crowdstrike, ForeScout, Fortinet and Solarwinds to deliver the best products at the lowest cost.

Pricing & FAQs

What Hardware and Technology is included for MSPs?

Axcelops provides SIEM, and Crowdstrike antimalware as part of our. Our Partners can also purchase any appliances directly from us. Our service includes Office 365 email for all users. Service Providers are responsible for acquiring all other hardware through their own distributors.